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5 Ways to Feel Closer to God

5 Ways to Feel Closer to God

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Maybe you’ve been struggling with your faith. Maybe you just want to affirm the love that you have in your heart for Jesus Christ. Whatever your reasons for wanting a deeper connection with the Holy Trinity, here are just a few ways that you can let your inner light shine.

1. Read the Bible Every Day

You don’t have to power through entire chapters. Just take a moment out of your day to read a line or two and think about how it connects with the story that it’s telling or the lesson that it’s sharing. These small acts of affirmation can make you feel like a much more spiritual person on the whole.

2. Develop a Gratefulness Habit

Everyone has bad days. Instead of lingering on them, however, try to develop an attitude where you always count your blessings and look on the bright side. Do you have your health? Do you have your family? Does the sun rise where you live? There’s always something to appreciate, so don’t let yourself spiral into depression when God is giving you joy in many different ways.

3. Seek Out Religious Activities

Attend sermons. Go to church potlucks. Look into miracle healing ministries. There are thousands of religious activities that happen every day; all you have to do is find them. It’s okay if you’re too shy to participate much; just showing up will be a confirmation of your faith.

4. Make Like-Minded Friends

If you aren’t shy, making friends with other Christians can be an excellent way to experience the daily glory of Christ. Not only will they be able to provide valuable, faith-based advice for life’s struggles, but they can also remind you of all of the good things in life that you owe to God. In short, they’ll be a walking gratefulness habit.

5. Engage In Your Mission

Serving in the Kingdom of God can unlock what I like to call “the adventure of the faith.” When you engage your spiritual gifts to serve in the mission of Jesus, you are actually partnering with the Holy Trinity to do the work of God! Sometimes it can be difficult to step out and realize the dream that God has placed in your heart for the Kingdom. That’s when a Christian ministry like Miracle Healing Ministries can help. Miracle Healing Ministries specializes in helping Christian women overcome whatever is holding them back from realizing their dream for the Kingdom.

These are just a few tips for feeling closer to the Lord. At the end of the day, the specifics of your activities don’t matter as much as the faith that fuels them. If you have a sincere heart, God will hear you.

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