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Daily Bible: Whoever Has Ears

Daily Bible: Whoever Has Ears

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Today’s first reading from Revelation 3:1-6,14-22 continues Jesus’ messages to seven Churches (dioceses). He tells the Church in Sardis that they have a reputation for being alive, but in the eyes of God they are really dead. Their appearance of piety is not matched by the love of their hearts. The Christians in Laodicea were wealthy and secularized. Jesus comments on their lackadaisical faith using their geographical location. Laodicea lay between Collossae (Saint Paul’s letter to the Colossians), which was known for the refreshing cold water that ran down from the mountains, and Hierapolis, known for its healing hot springs. These waters met in Laodicea and the mineral-rich hot water mixed with the cold water, creating impotable lukewarm weather that was good for nothing, and that actually mucked up the clay water pipes and caused endless trouble. Jesus tells the Christians in Laodicea that they see themselves as industrious and rich, but they were actually as useless as the lukewarm water, and actually poor where it matters the most. Spends some time reflecting on the three letters to the Churches we heard so far. What messages and warnings do you need to hear from our Lord?

Today’s psalm is from Psalm 15:2-5. We hear a continuation of yesterday’s psalm. What does it mean to be righteous?

The gospel from Luke 19:1-10 tells us the very familiar story of Zacchaeus.Zacchaeus climbs a tree in order to see Jesus. This was probably not a laudable action in itself. Zacchaeus was probably just curious. But something about Jesus’ presence melts Zacchaeus’ heart. Zacchaeus responds to Jesus’ presence by repenting of his sin and offering restitution. As a result, Jesus announces that salvation has come to Zacchaeus’ household. Notice that Zacchaeus needed to respond to the grace of Jesus’ presence with repentance and restitution, and was then met by mercy.

Reflection Questions

1. What message of repentance is Jesus trying to give you?

2. How will you respond to His call to repent?

Read Today’s Readings

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