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Into the Crypt: Ash Wednesday and True Repentance

Lent is the perfect time to visit the Crypt of your Inner Abbey. The Crypt is about cooperating with grace in order to become the masterpiece God created you to be. Ash Wednesday calls us to repentance. But what is true repentance? How does it differ from simple remorse? Come explore the Crypt of your Inner Abbey with us!

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What is Risk

We begin our look at overcoming spiritual mediocrity by examining what it means to take a risk. People tend to automatically see risk as a bad thing. It’s seen as a chance of loss or peril. But there’s more to risk than meets the eye!

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Paying It Forward

Paying it forward has become a cliché. But that doesn’t make it any less true. Goodness and kindness spread. Today’s reflection encourages you to find some ways you can perform random acts of kindness so you can create a ripple of goodness that spreads wider and wider!

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