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Living the Sacraments

The seven Sacraments form the backdrop of Catholic life. Most Catholics can name all seven Sacraments. Most have basic knowledge of what the Sacraments are. But as with other parts of our faith, the Sacraments are an unfathomable mystery. That means that there is always more to understand. It also means there is…

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Daily Bible: Explain to us the parable

Read the Full Scripture Verses Here Jeremiah 14:17-22 is a confession of sin and an appeal for mercy. Jeremiah calls out for mercy on behalf of the Hebrew people, who are suffering in exile due to their sin. He confesses that the People of God have been unfaithful, and deserve their punishment. But…

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Sunday Reading: The people saw the sign he had done.

Today’s Readings for the Holy Mass It’s interesting that Jesus’ “multiplication of the loaves” miracle was first performed by the prophet Elijah. Interesting, but not surprising. In fact, much of what Jesus does in his earthly ministry is a fulfillment of the Old Testament signs. For Elijah, the miracle was a sign of…

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Daily Reading: Blessed Are Your Eyes

Today’s Readings for the Holy Mass In today’s first reading for the Holy Mass, God speaks through the prophet Jeremiah to accuse the Hebrew people of violating the Covenant. God had brought them into the “Garden land” – notice how God’s description of the Promised Land echoes the Garden of Eden. But the…

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Daily Reading: Show us, O Lord, your kindness

Today’s Readings for the Holy Mass Today’s readings in the Holy Mass pull together the readings from Sunday and from yesterday. In today’s first reading, the prophet Micah continues the theme of God shepherding His people, focusing this time on God’s love and forgiveness. The psalm continues the theme of love and forgiveness,…

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Daily Reading: Walk Humbly With Your God

Today’s Readings for the Holy Mass In today’s first reading the prophet Micah tells us that what God really wants from us is our hearts. That doesn’t mean that religious practices, such as sacrifices in the Old Testament or liturgy in the Church today, aren’t necessary. It means that the purpose of every religious…

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