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Lean Into Peace

The world is uncertain. Jobs are not secure. Marriages crumble. Neighborhoods aren’t safe. We may be tempted to crawl under a rock. An artist painted a picture of raging ocean waves crashing on a craggy and rocky coastline. The ocean spray flew into the sky. The waves churned, and storm clouds filled the…

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Lean Into Joy

Emotional happiness is like a rabbit. If you have ever observed one, you can relate to this story. Rabbits are fluffy and cute while they sit and munch on their food. Their outward appearance is content and happy. But, if they hear an unexpected noise they quickly change their demeanor. They hop high…

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Lean Into Love

Today, I resolve to love. Love is the greatest of the Fruits of the Spirit becuase God is love. I choose to show, feel, and know love.

Spirit inspired love is not dependent on events, people or things. While our culture defines love as strong feelings, the Holy Spirit lads us to love that is deeper. God wants us to really love Him – through our choices, through our actions, through our thoughts and through our feelings – to such…

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Working In the Crypt: Fasting

Send to Kindle Tis true, we cannot reach Christ’s fortieth day, Yet to go part of that religious way, Is better than to rest We cannot reach our Saviour’s purity, Yet are we bid, ” Be holy e’en as He,” In both let’s do our best. Who goeth in the way which Christ hath gone,…

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