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Join us In August for Our First Monthly "Spiritual Project"!

Starting in August, we're going to start a series of "Spiritual Projects" - simple "challenges" that you can fulfill each month to make real spiritual progress on a continual basis.

The Spiritual Project for August will be learning how to LIVE the Sacraments in your daily spiritual life.

The spiritual project begins in

Why Is the Spiritual Life So Difficult?

Do you struggle with prayer? Are you so overwhelmed with the distractions of your daily life that you barely even think about God during your day? Do you find yourself committing the same sins over and over, wondering when your heart will finally experience true conversion? Do you feel like you're not growing closer to God? Then you need to know a couple things:

  1. You're not alone.
  2. It's not your fault.

In the video to the left, I explain how I discovered how lacking my own spirituality was - in a master's degree program for pastoral theology! I also discovered why Catholic laity struggle so much.

We Need to Learn the Basics First

You see, most of the spiritual teaching in the Church is based on the works of the spiritual masters like St. John of the Cross and St. Ignatius of Loyola. But most of these spiritual masters wrote their teachings for their religious orders. And religious orders already have a rule of life that lays the foundation for spiritual growth. In other words, the main audience of the spiritual masters have the basics covered. The masters felt no need to teach them.

The laity - you and I - don't have the structure of a rule of life to lay our spiritual foundation. That's why we fall to distraction so much easier. That's why we find it so much more difficult to focus ourselves on God.

So you and I need to learn the spiritual basics. We need to learn two things before we can make any real spiritual progress and deepen our relationship with God:

  1. What grace does in our life to make a deeper relationship with God possible.
  2. What spiritual virtues we need to create the spiritual discipline we need to develop so we can cooperate with grace.

Spirituality From the Ground Up

From the Abbey's programs use the metaphor of "Rebuilding Your Inner Abbey"to describe the process of building your spirituality from the ground up. Your "Inner Abbey" is the place in your heart where you can shut out the distractions of the world for a time and focus on your relationship with God.

The first step of rebuilding your "Inner Abbey" is to find the keys that unlock all of the rooms. These keys represent the basic spiritual virtues that lay the foundation for a healthy spiritual life. Once the rooms are open, you can then fix each room up and learn how to use it. The rooms of your inner abbey represent 5 areas of spirituality taught by the spiritual masters.

The video to the right gives you a tour of your "Inner Abbey" so you can learn what these keys are and what it means to use each of the rooms.

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Daily Bible: Be Blameless

Read Today’s Readings Today’s first reading is from Saint Paul’s letter to Titus 1:1-9. Saint Paul has ordained Titus as a bishop, and has instructed Titus to in turn raise up bishops in each city where he starts a local church. In the time of the apostles, the term for bishop and priest were used…

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Daily Bible: Give Everything You Have

Read Today’s Readings In today’s reading from 1Kings 17:10-16 we hear the story of Elijah and the widow. Elijah asks the widow for some bread and water, and the widow tells him that she had only a little flour and oil left and was just about to prepare the last meal for her and her…

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Daily Bible: God is Faithful

Read Today’s Readings What would your life be like if you could imitate Saint Paul as he describes himself in Philippians 4:10-19, content in all circumstances because of faith in Jesus? The eternal perspective given to us by faith should be an anchor for us in any life circumstance. Note how Saint Paul encourages the…

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Daily Bible: You Are the Temple

Read Today’s Readings In today’s first reading from Ezekiel 47:1-12, the prophet shares his vision of a river flowing from the temple, giving life wherever it flowed. The river represented the Covenant, the love of God flowing into the world. For the Jewish people from the time of Solomon until its destruction in 70AD, the…

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Daily Bible: Sing His Praise!

Read Today’s Readings Saint Paul valued his relationship with Jesus above all things. In Philippians 3:3-8 he  explains how secure he was in the Covenant as a faithful Jew. But even though the Old Covenant made him “confident in the flesh,” Saint Paul counted it all as loss compared to what he gained in Jesus.…

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Daily Bible: Carry Your Cross

Read Today’s Readings If anyone is looking for Scriptural evidence for the Catholic understanding of grace and works, today’s first reading from Philippians 2:12-18 is one great place to look. Saint Paul exhorts us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, but he also says, “For God is the one who, for his…

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Daily Bible: He Humbled Himself

Read Today’s Readings Today’s first reading is one of my favorite Scripture verses, Philippians 2:5-11. Yesterday we heard Saint Paul encourage the Christians in Philippi to live for others rather than living in pride. In today’s reading he offers Jesus as the perfect example of humility. Notice how Saint Paul describes Jesus’ humility as pouring…

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Daily Bible: I Busy Myself Not With Great Things

Read Today’s Readings In the first reading (Philippians 2:1-4), Saint Paul writes to the Philippians about proper Christian behavior. He juxtaposes a sense of Christian community (family) with the isolating effects of vainglory and selfishness. In the verses that follow Saint Paul urges Christians to follow the example of Jesus, who showed ultimate humility by…

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Daily Bible: The Laws of Love

Read Today’s Readings In today’s first reading, Deuteronomy 2:2-6, we hear Moses exhorting the Hebrew people to not only obey the Law of God but to love it. He also sums up the purpose of the Law with words that become the central prayer of the Jewish faith, called the Shema (which means “Hear): Hear,…

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Daily Bible: Christ is being proclaimed and in that I rejoice

See the Readings for Today Today’s reading is from Philippians 1:18-26. Saint Paul shows us what it means to live totally for Jesus. Whether he teaches or suffers, whether he lives or dies, Saint Paul is content to know that Jesus is being proclaimed through him. Read this passage and reflect on Saint Paul’s attitude…

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