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If you’re ready to finally start growing in your relationship with God, if you’ve been looking for guidance that you can actually use, it’s time to rediscover the ancient spiritual practices for beginners that have been an under-taught part of our Catholic spiritual tradition for far too long.

Why have they been so neglected? One reason is that the spiritual masters – Saint John of the Cross, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Therese of Lisieux – don’t teach much about them. You see, most of the spiritual masters wrote their teachings for their religious orders. And religious orders already have a rule of life that lays the foundation for spiritual growth. In other words, the main audience of the spiritual masters have the basics covered. The masters felt no need to teach them.

We do find these principles taught by the likes of Saint Francis De Sales and Saint Thomas Aquinas – the saints who taught the laity. The laity – you and I – don’t have the structure of a rule of life to lay our spiritual foundation. That’s why we fall to distraction so much easier. That’s why we find it so much more difficult to focus ourselves on God.

So what are these spiritual practices for beginners? I call them Behavioral Templates. Here’s what Behavioral Templates can do for you:

  • They will help you deal with distractions in your life so you can focus on what matters most.
  • They will exercise your “spiritual muscles” so you find advanced spiritual exercises easier and more attainable.
  • They will help you make putting God at the center of your life habitual – so it eventually comes as naturally to you as breathing.
  • They will help you discover the areas of your relationship with Jesus that need to be strengthened the most.
  • In short, they will get you unstuck in your faith!
  • Not only would I like to teach you these behavioral templates that are based on our Catholic spiritual tradition, I’d like to lead you step-by-step through each one. You can get started now by downloading the first free behavioral template and discovering the power of these age-old, proven teachings in a simple, easy-to-digest way.

    Download the FREE "Behavioral Template" below to learn a practical strategy for nurturing one of five key areas of Catholic spiritual growth.

    What is a Behavioral Template? It’s a simple chart that shows you how to establish a powerful behavior (and eventually a powerful habit) that will change how you approach your spirituality. If you apply them systematically and consistently, behavioral templates have the power to get you “unstuck” in your relationship with God!

    Download Your Free Behavioral Template Now!

    Catholic spiritual growth behavioral template - Make Time for What Matters

    Behavioral Template: Make Time for What Matters

    The “Make Time for What Matters” Behavioral Template teaches you a simple four-step process for bringing a bit more order to your life and giving you the freedom to focus on your relationship with God (and your relationships with your family, friends, and the Family of God too!).

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    Just click the link below and fill out the pop-up form with your first name and email address to register for the FREE “Make Time for What Matters” Behavioral Template!

    I’ll even send you a quick video to walk you through the template so you clearly understand each step.

    Are you “stuck” in your relationship with God? Is your spiritual growth stalled, or at least inconsistent? God has so much more planned for us than most of us are actually living. What can you do to realize the fullness of grace in your life? From the Abbey will teach you practical ways to cooperate with grace in order to deepen your relationship with God.

    In fact, that’s what From the Abbey‘s “Keys to Spiritual Growth” program is all about! This program is designed with the “beginner” in mind. It takes you step-by-step through five practical strategies of Catholic spirituality that lay the foundation for a life of active spirituality. Most instruction in Catholic spirituality out there is actually written for members of religious orders – who have a rule of life to give them this spiritual foundation. The Keys to Spiritual Growth program is created for the laity – to help them build their own “rule of life” and build that needed structure and support.


What Do You Need to Grow in Your Faith?

These article tutorials will help you dig deeper into each Key to Spiritual Growth. They are the perfect supplement to the free online course. But feel free to explore them to give you an idea what the course is about!

The Well-Ordered Life

Well-Ordered Life

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From Faith to Friendship

Adventure of Faith

Adventure of Faith

Rediscover the JOY of learning your faith and living the adventure of spiritual growth!


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